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  • Vanguard ID Systems recieves 2013 Best of West Chester Award

Vanguard ID Systems has been selected for the 2013 Best of West Chester Award in the Bar Code Printers category by the West Chester Award Program. Each year, the West Chester Award Program identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category.

Vanguard ID Systems was among other local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and the West Chester community. Exceptional companies named by the West Chester Award Program help make the West Chester are a great place to live, work and play.


  • Vanguard ID Systems Wins First Place Access Control at ICMA Élan Awards

    Vanguard ID Systems recently took home, for the second year in a row, a prestigious ICMA Élan Award in the Access Control category for its design of an RFID badge for their customer, CompuWeigh. The Access Control category recognizes excellence in card design and technical innovation for access control applications. Vanguard received its award at the 2010 ICMA Élan Awards ceremony recently held during the International Card Manufacturers Association's Card Manufacturing Expo in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    The award-winning badge is a Vanguard first – a biodegradable Teslin® card with an Avery Dennison RFID inlay. PPG worked with Vanguard and CompuWeigh to manufacture the first commercial cards using their new Teslin® biodegradable synthetic printing sheet. The badges were a perfect fit for the industrial automation solution provider who focuses on the agricultural and biofuel industries.



  • Vanguard ID Systems Recognized by ICMA Élan Awards for Excellent in Access Control Design Category

    Vanguard ID Systems was recently awarded a prestigious ICMA Élan Award in the Access Control category for its design of an RFID badge for CompuWeigh, an industrial automation solution provider for the agricultural and biofuel industries. The Access Control category recognizes excellence in card design and technical innovation for access control applications. Vanguard received its award at the 2009 ICMA Élan Awards ceremony recently held during the International Card Manufacturers Association's Card Manufacturing Expo in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

    The award-winning badge designed and manufactured by Vanguard is a Teslin® card with an Alien Squiggle RFID inlay. Vanguard was commissioned by CompuWeigh to help foster automation of the materials intake process for a leading biofuel producer. The badges are a core component of CompuWeigh’s SmartTruck system installed at the facility. The installation allows the plant to eliminate data entry in its receiving operation as the badge automatically identifies the carrier and its cargo at every stage of the acceptance process.


  • Vanguard Wins Judge's Choice Elan Award

    Vanguard ID Systems recently took home a prestigious ICMA Élan Award in the Judges’ Choice category for its design of an RFID key tag for The Woods Coffee. The Judges’ Choice is unique in that allows the Élan judges to recognize their favorite entry from among all the submissions received in every category.

    The award-winning Woods Coffee's KeyTag-Card is a Teslin card with an RFID inlay. After the RFID component of the tag has been activated at the register, the key tag is popped out of the matrix and attached to a patron’s key ring for quick and easy usage.Woods Coffee wanted a transaction device that would quickly identify customers, function as a customer loyalty card, and serve as a gift and prepaid card. The RFID embedded key tag designed by Vanguard meets all of those objectives, and features a unique graphic design so that it stands out on the retail display and on the patron’s keychain.

    "We are extremely pleased to be recognized for excellence by the premier awarding body in our industry, said Rick Warther, President and CEO of Vanguard, And it is a particular honor to receive the Judge's; Choice Award. To be singled out from among the 120 entries is a tremendous honor, and a validation of our hard work and commitment to quality.


  • ICMA Elan Finalist in Technical Achievement:

    Vanguard ID Systems manufactured this hybrid MagTag® Card for Passport Technologies Inc. Passport Technologies needed a single piece for membership identification that could be easily read using a bar code, magnetic stripe and RFID reader. They also needed to image variable data and/or a picture onto the MagTag using a CR-80 matrix.

  • ICMA Elan Finalist – People's Choice

    Attendees at the ICMA EXPO selected their favorite card from all of the entries and received in any of the categories.


  • ICMA Technical Achievement Recognition:


    The RFID card solution created by Vanguard incorporates Texas Instruments RFID technology in its patented card and key tag product offering. This solution enables season ticket holders to carry out financial transactions at the point-of-sale for all merchandise offered at the stadium, without the need for cash. By assigning a designated credit card to the RFID card, the club member is able to transact all purchases by waving the card over a reader at the POS speeding up the purchasing process for both the customer and vendor.


  • ICMA Elan Award for Best Non-Secure Card Design:


    Each Vanguard ID System's Family Pak comes with a full-sized membership card and two key tags for additional family members. The McBreak Family Pak was specially designed for a McDonald's restaurant customer benefit program to include both a bar code and a magnetic stripe on the card and a bar code on the two key tags. The card was specially designed so that only the coke bottle is visible when placed in a wallet. The key tags were designed to accommodate a large code 39 bar code so that a child could pass the key tag under a scanner at an information Kiosk inside a McDonald's restaurant. Vanguard ID Systems designed a special form to accommodate the bar codes and magnetic stripes and a special die was designed to accommodate the coke bottle design.




For more than 31 years, Vanguard ID Systems has pioneered industry-leading innovations that enhance the quality of its products and processes and, ultimately, resolve customers’ business and application challenges.

  • U.S. Patent #6,994,262 — Printed sheet products with integral, removable radio frequency identification elements





  • U.S. Patent #8,235,300 - Printed Sheet Products with Integral, Removable Radio Frequency Identification Elements




  • EP Registered Community Design No. 002619262-0001/-0003 - Electronic Luggage Tag
  • German Utility Model Registration No. 202014106266.1 - Programmable Electronic Luggage Tag
  • Chinese Utility Model Patent No. ZL201420833378.5
  • U.S. Patent #9,224,084 - Smart Device Programmable Electronic Luggage Tag





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