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 Since the Beginning, Vanguard ID Systems has provided customers with unique solutions via custom products. Vanguard manufactures products that streamline patient data as well as provide continuity between doctor visits. We create products that ease the transition for Doctors from patient to patient. We understand the hospital is a very busy place and paperwork slows down the process of the doctor analyzing patient data. Our products seek to reduce the amount of paperwork that a doctor must sift through in order to correctly diagnose his patient. The products we manufacture have a 5 year guarantee and are water resistant as well as custom-made for your unique solution.

The Appointment Tag

The appointment tag is a key tag that has a QR code linked to a doctor’s calendar on their website. This allows patients to easily make appointments after scanning the QR code on the key tag with their smartphone. This will help minimize the strain on patients’ schedules when they have to make frequent doctor appointments. Using these appointment tags will help doctor’s offices minimize the strain on their personnel and allow for more patient interaction. This is a quick and simple way to stay up to date with doctor visits while on the go. Many patients lead busy lives and do not have sufficient time to call and stay on hold when calling their doctor to make their next appointment. 


The appointment tag has the flexibility to be used in a doctor setting as well as a hospital setting. The QR code uses are virtually endless when it comes to patient interaction. The appointment tag allows you to link the QR code with any webpage that a patient should go to. These can include patient forms, Medical Information, Insurance Verification, etc.
The Medical Wristband
The Medical Wristband is an RFID encoded wristband that allows a doctor or nurse to pull up a patient’s medical history. These documents are sensitive and can be accessed through a secure RFID reader. The patient history is pivotal to a Doctor diagnosing a patient. Using the RFID Wristbands helps the Doctor access patient history faster. The Doctor does not have to sift through the entire chart to find out what their patients previous ailments were.  This can help to speed up the treatment process in most cases. The Doctor only has to look at one page rather than multiple pages. The RFID Wristband complies with ISO/IEC 18000-6C EPC Class 1 GEN 2 standards.

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