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High-quality Key Tags from Vanguard ID Systems offer outstanding durability and excellent scanning rates. They’ll look and scan like new for years. In fact, we are the only company in the industry that can offer a five-year guarantee on the life and performance of our bar coded key tags.

When customers forget to bring their loyalty cards to your store, they can miss out on discounts and frequent shopper points—and you miss valuable information about their spending habits. That’s why Vanguard ID Systems invented the bar coded key tag. Key Tags attach to a key ring, so they’re easily accessible at POS.

Vanguard Key Tags are constructed of a highly durable polyester laminate with a printed Teslin® core. Unlike PVC tags, our sturdy 30-mil key tags will not crack or peel apart. Our Key Tags are waterproof. The bar code is protected under a crystal clear polyester lamination, so bar code can’t scratch off.

We can customize Key Tags with your logo—so your customers, their friends and family see your company name, logo and message on a daily basis!

Vanguard Key Tags are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they can be ordered with the DataGuard Security System™, our patented attached label, for maximum convenience and 100-percent data integrity.






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