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Vanguard ID Systems has developed the world's first Permanent RFID Luggagetag with changeable display, known as the ViewTag™. This waterproof, weatherproof and static-free luggagetag has greatly impacted the travel industry. Typically, when people travel, they come across problems with retaining their luggage throughout their trip. Many tourists are burdened with the loss of their luggage overseas. This is very troublesome as most people rely on their luggage when they are traveling. The ViewTag™ gives travelers the option to link their itinerary with their baggage.

Travelers have the ability to check their bag at home using their cell phone through the tag's QR code or the NFC embedded module in the ViewTag™.

Luggage contains vital materials that people need in their everyday lives. Vanguard acknowledges this and sought to develop a product that can keep luggage from being lost. The ViewTag™ has the capabilities to give location updates to luggage owners in-flight as well as throughout their connecting flights.

The ViewTag™ works in conjunction with bluetooth. Throughout all airports, there is an RFID reader located on the loading belt for the aircraft. This RFID reader scans the ViewTag™ as it passes on-board the plane and sends a confirmation message to the subscriber. The subscriber will receive a message at each destination. This enables the subscriber to know their luggage is on-board, made it on their connecting flight, or even made it to the final destination.





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Vanguard is announcing the new E-Ink based ViewTag™ with a display that changes via the traveler’s phone. Vanguard ID Systems has been working with IATA (International Air Transport Association) members to solve the problem. Vanguard will demonstrate the changeable permanent tag at the 2013 IATA World Passenger Symposium in Dublin, Ireland. The tag acts like a digital license plate that allows the customer to control the process of checking their bag at home, using their cell phone through the tags QR Code or the NFC embedded module in the tag. The customer receives a text message telling them where their bags are located throughout their journey.