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Millions of people every second are interacting with their smartphones. Many like the convenience of mobile food ordering—growing in popularity as more technologies emerge.

Vanguard ID Systems has created TapNow, a friction-free service that fast-tracks customers to a restaurants mobile ordering app or website using Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC is the next big opportunity for restaurants to increase their mobile ordering revenues.

How It Works
Without touching the screen or swiping through apps, customers simply hover their smartphone over a TapNow tag and are instantly linked to the ordering app or website. Their information is sent via a unique identifier to TapNow's secure cloud and server. This allows restaurants to provide accurate and relevant information to each customer, based on their profile.

Application Examples
TapNow is used on various affixed and embedded applications, such as:

  • Refrigerators
  • Direct mailers
  • Promotional gift cards
  • Key tags
  • Adhesive labels
  • And more

Experience friction-free mobile ordering with TapNow.

Contact Jay Laufenberg: or (800) 323-7432