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Vanguard ID Systems Surpasses a Major Milestone – One Billion Key Tags Manufactured

Vanguard ID Systems announced today that it has manufactured its one-billionth bar coded key tag. Twenty years after inventing the technology, Vanguard has surpassed this milestone, producing 1,020,118,000 key tags to date. Over that period, the increasingly ubiquitous accessory produced by the West Chester, PA based corporation has taken up residence next to house keys […]


Vanguard Wins ICMA Élan Award, Design of Membership ID

Vanguard ID Systems manufactured this hybrid MagTag® Card for Passport Technologies Inc. Passport Technologies needed a single piece for membership identification that could be easily read using a bar code, magnetic stripe and RFID reader. They also needed to image variable data and/or a picture onto the MagTag using a CR-80 matrix. ICMA Elan Finalist […]


Vanguard Wins ICMA Élan Award, RFID Card – Texas Instruments

The RFID card solution created by Vanguard incorporates Texas Instruments RFID technology in its patented card and key tag product offering. This solution enables season ticket holders to carry out financial transactions at the point-of-sale for all merchandise offered at the stadium, without the need for cash. By assigning a designated credit card to the […]


Vanguard Wins ICMA Élan Award, Family Pak – McDonald’s

Each Vanguard ID System’s Family Pak comes with a full-sized membership card and two key tags for additional family members. The McBreak Family Pak was specially designed for a McDonald’s restaurant customer benefit program to include both a bar code and a magnetic stripe on the card and a bar code on the two key […]