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December 4, 2007 - West Chester, PA

Vanguard ID Systems Surpasses a Major Milestone – One Billion Key Tags Manufactured

Vanguard ID Systems announced today that it has manufactured its one-billionth bar coded key tag. Twenty years after inventing the technology, Vanguard has surpassed this milestone, producing 1,020,118,000 key tags to date. Over that period, the increasingly ubiquitous accessory produced by the West Chester, PA based corporation has taken up residence next to house keys and car keys the world over. In fact, if you laid all of the key tags Vanguard has produced end to end, the resulting strand would produce a bar code that would encircle the earth one and two-thirds times.

The convenience of the bar coded key tag has been a boon to loyalty marketing programs offered by retailers and manufacturers, and ensures that consumers don’t miss out valuable deals that are particularly relevant to them. Original loyalty programs involved arduous tasks with delayed results, such as collecting S&H Green Stamps and mailing them in for a reward. Today’s programs, driven by technology like Vanguard’s key tags, are instantaneous and highly rewarding. Consumers can receive custom coupons printed right at the register. According to Jupiter Research, more than 75 percent of consumers participate in at least one loyalty program, and the vast majority carries their loyalty card on their key chain.

Vanguard’s milestone achievement is a testament to its original innovation, ability to adapt over time and to remain a pioneer of new techniques and technologies that continue to set trends for the industry. In addition to being prolific, Vanguard adheres to strict quality control guidelines that produce key tags of outstanding durability and industry-leading scanning rates. The crystal clear polyester lamination that protects the bar code allows Vanguard to offer a five-year guarantee on the life and performance of each key tag.

Vanguard ID Systems manufactures the highest quality, best performing Auto ID cards and key tags available on today’s market. Its award-winning product line includes cards and key tags in a variety of styles and sizes for customer loyalty, membership, gift and debit card programs, security access, time and attendance, and many other applications. The cards and key tags incorporate bar code, magnetic stripe and/or RFID technologies. All products can be ordered with the DataGuard Security System™, its patented attached label, to save time and money and streamline enrollment.
“We pride ourselves on being a value-added business, developing new technologies that eventually become commodities. With the bar coded key tags we invented and patented, our clients were able to more effectively administer their loyalty marketing programs,” says Rick Warther, founder of Vanguard ID, “It is tremendously gratifying to know that the tags we invented have revolutionized an entire industry.”

With Vanguard’s commitment to constant innovation, two billion key tags should be right around the corner. You might need a bigger key chain.

About Vanguard ID Systems:
Since its founding in 1987, Vanguard ID Systems has pioneered the Auto ID card manufacturing industry, and after twenty years remains its leading innovator. Headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Vanguard ID Systems serves an extensive national and international customer base in a variety of vertical markets. To date, Vanguard has produced and shipped more than 1 billion of the industry’s best-performing bar coded key tags to more than 38 countries.

Vanguard partners with customers to identify additional marketing opportunities and create customized solutions, providing award-winning, best-in-class bar coded, magnetic stripe and RFID cards and key tags. The Vanguard product line is backed with superior customer service, value-driven pricing and unparalleled data integrity. It is the only company in the industry that offers a five-year guarantee on its bar coded key tags. The company’s commitment to quality starts with Vanguard’s innovative product engineering process and continues on through manufacturing, customer service, end-user product experience, and the employee work environment. For more information, visit Vanguard’s Website at: