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Loyalty Products for Retail, Restaurants, Salons & More!

Build your customer relationships with a loyalty program.


Vanguard ID Systems offers a range of options to foster customer relationships at your business, making it easier than ever before. With our loyalty membership cards, including standard cards, key tags, and combination packs, you have a variety of tools at your disposal to engage your customers and differentiate yourself from competitors. Our tailor-made loyalty cards are specifically designed to showcase your brand and effectively communicate your message, empowering you to increase revenue and enhance overall customer satisfaction.


Not sure how to setup a loyalty program? No problem!

Most POS systems have a built-in “portal” for setting up a membership program. Customers can earn points, get discounts and even earn free gifts if they build up enough points by shopping with you!


Most membership or loyalty programs have a different setup than gift cards, so just let us know you setup a program in your system and we will handle the rest!


Feel free to reach out at any time to or give us a call at 800-323-7432 to discuss your loyalty card needs. We ship worldwide.

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