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A high-performance synthetic material for demanding applications, TESLIN® is the unquestioned material of choice for printed cards. Not only is TESLIN® 1000% stronger and more durable than other synthetic materials like PVC – the material is also:

  • Fundamentally secure and tamper-resistant
  • Highly-bondable for long-lasting adhesion
  • As printable as standard paper


RFID is the ultimate technology, offering limitless functionality, multi-dimensional convenience, and ultimate ease of use. You can also choose to pair your RFID products with barcode and/or magnetic stripe technology for painless transition from your existing systems to the latest RFID technology.

Take advantage of RFID to:

  • Improve and secure financial transaction programs
  • Create personalized vending programs
  • Track assets, including vehicles
  • Fortify security access control
  • Expedite retail checkout programs
  • Manage pharmacy customer loyalty programs
  • Maintain Time and Attendance
  • Accommodate mobile ordering

Magnetic Stripe

A low-cost, high-quality technology, magnetic stripe cards are a natural component of loyalty, gift and membership cards. While some card technologies have limited storage capacity, mag stripes can store ample data. It’s also rewritable when updates are necessary, and can even hide information if security is of concern. They’re also more secure than barcodes, making them a long-time standard in point of sale uses.


One of the foundational card technologies, barcodes are known for their process efficiency. Barcodes have countless uses across industries, making the technology about as universal as any other. Perhaps its greatest benefit, barcode can collect a limitless range of datasets, customizable to the relevant information you need to improve your business.

Need to track your sales or membership? Barcodes are perfect for that!

Barcode data is stored in your system, so you can access it at any time.

QR Code

Readable on the common smartphone, QR codes offer unique applications that allow you to get creative. QR codes allow customers to quickly access your digital assets. In a quick second, users can scan your QR code and land on a specific page on your website – whether to make a reservation, book an appointment, sign up for a service, download an app or whatever you can dream up. Think of your needs and marry them to your customer experience.

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Mobile ordering grows in popularity every day. TapNow gives your customers that convenience, fast-tracking them to your website or app when they simply hover their smartphone over a TapNow tag.

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