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Many of our partners do not prefer to be involved with card solutions and simply want a trusted provider who will deliver consistent and reliable service to their clients. You wouldn’t receive financial benefits, but Vanguard’s direct communications and value-added service to your clients will be provided at the same level that you would deliver.


Add card solutions or programs as an additional revenue stream to your existing product or service portfolio. Special pricing is offered to resellers. You drive the sale, we will seamlessly execute on the back-end. Vanguard can add value in the form of consultations, quotes, marketing materials, conference calls, and direct client communications if required.


You can focus on billing and receivables while Vanguard communicates directly with the client and administers the sales and production process on your behalf. Our collaborative partnership will identify client contacts and predetermine our commission to be calculated as a percentage of the margin so that we can provide accurate quotes.

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