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Membership Card Solutions

Promote Your Business. Foster Customer Loyalty.

Strengthen your relationship with your customers with a membership card program.


Membership card programs prove to be a more effective marketing strategy compared to digital membership programs because they are a tangible reminder of your business. Our custom-made membership cards act as miniature billboards, effectively promoting and reinforcing your brand identity.


At our company, we prioritize the integration of top-tier RFID, barcode, and magnetic stripe technology into your cards. This ensures that your cards are of the highest quality and seamlessly compatible with all the leading POS systems on the market.



Feel free to reach out to us at 1-800-323-7432 or at any time to learn more about our custom-made membership cards, all proudly made in the USA. We also ship worldwide.

Quick industry facts

Why we use TESLIN® Materials

10-times stronger than other synthetic materials, TESLIN® is the unquestioned material of choice for printed cards.

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