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Better Meet Your Needs with Specialty Production Services

With a range of specialty services to choose from, you can maximize the impact your cards can have on your customers and increase your process efficiency. No matter your design and production needs, Vanguard ID Systems will ensure that you can take advantage of every opportunity at your disposal.

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Advanced Technology, from TESLIN® to RFID

Made from TESLIN® substrate, your cards are 10-times stronger than those constructed of other synthetic materials, maximizing their lifespan. And with embedded RFID technology, you can incorporate barcodes and magnetic stripes for ultimate functionality, convenience and ease of use. From advanced and expedited transactions to asset tracking, your applications are virtually endless.

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A History of Innovation

A pioneer in the bar code, RFID, and magnetic stripe card manufacturing industry, Vanguard ID Systems developed some of the industry’s most innovative solutions. Yet, our global customers most value our commitment to excellence – from customer service to the end-user product experience.

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