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Car Wash & Automotive Solutions

Looking to increase client retention at your business? Memberships are the perfect way to increase your customer base & add a new program that will keep them coming back for more! Unlimited washes, or a custom program for earning points, are the easiest ways to implement a new membership program in your POS system. Contact us to help you through the membership card ordering process, and we will help you grow your business with ease.


Some businesses order a custom membership card and a matching clear vinyl window cling. This pair is the perfect solution for customers redeeming their membership points before they enter the car wash. The clear vinyl window cling is a perfect solution for your Attendants, so they can see and check the membership ID on each windshield to be serviced.


Whether it is a card, key tag or clear vinyl window cling, we can tailor your custom product to your needs, just let us know!




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