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Beauty & Wellness Membership Solutions

Whether you have a salon, spa, medical spa or wellness center, we can work with you to create custom membership cards for your program. All of our products are customized, so we can help you create a custom design that is sure to make your brand shine!

Our membership cards come standard with a bar code or magnetic stripe on the back of the card. We can also make “punch cards” that can be used in lieu of having a system in place. Most clients prefer to have an updated custom design that showcases the benefits of their program, but we can format your card with your business contact information, or website, if you have a fluctuating program.


If you are looking for a membership product that can be used for multiple members, look no further than our ShortPak™, or FamilyPak™. Our ShortPak™ is available with 1 card and 1 key tag, along with our patented DataGuard™ security system to ensure 100% data integrity. Our ShortPak™ is the most flexible product we have for facilities that issue memberships to multiple members at once. One member can have the card, while the other can use the key tag. Our FamilyPak™ is suitable for the entire family, and comes standard with 1 card and 2 or more key tags! Most supermarkets have used FamilyPaks™ for issuing new memberships to multiple customers at once. It is a great identifier for those point programs that may grant more than 1 member access to those benefits. If you are looking to start a program, please contact us and let us know how we can help retain new and old members alike.


Looking to add something new to your membership materials? Key tags & applications make great options for a new or old program, and our gift card carriers can always provide a little extra to help your brand shine!



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