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Grocery & Natural Food Store Solutions

Whether you have a single location, or a franchise with multiple locations, we can create a membership product that is the perfect solution for your business! Our membership products would increase your monthly sales and keep your customers coming back to earn rewards. Our applications, ShortPak™ and FamilyPak™ are the perfect option for your store. Our custom-made applications come standard with 1 card and 1 or more key tags. There is a tear-off application attached that can be customized, and makes it easy for your team to sign-up new members on-site. Just sign them up, keep the application for your records, and they can earn rewards immediately!



Our barcoded loyalty ShortPak™ is customized for your business or POS program! Our ShortPak™ comes standard with 1 card, 1 key tag and our patented DataGuard™ attached label. It is the perfect solution for any loyalty or membership program! Whether it is a grocery store, vitamin shop, fitness club, auto shop, salon/spa, or pet store, our ShortPak™ is the perfect product that combines form and function. After issuing a new membership, tear off our DataGuard™ bar code label & attach to your in-store enrollment forms so your new members can earn rewards immediately!


Need a product to suit the whole family? Our FamilyPak™ is the perfect product for versatility. With a custom design and a unique identifier, you can issue multiple memberships at once! By using our patented FamilyPak™, we guarantee 100% data integrity with our patented DataGuard™ attached label. Simply sign up your new members, keep the label for any in-store enrollment forms, and your new members can earn rewards immediately!



All of our patented transaction devices can be customized for your business, and tailored to your software.

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Natural Food & Grocery Combination Packs

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