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Custom Card Solutions for Beauty and Wellness Brands

Whether you are a salon, spa, or a beauty and wellness brand, Vanguard ID Systems offers customized card solutions to support your business goals. 

Our range of custom card solutions includes gift cards, loyalty cards, and direct mailers, all of which can effectively enhance the exposure of your brand and attract a wider customer base. Our expertise lies in developing personalized solutions that accurately represent your brand and effectively convey your message.

Custom Gift Cards For Spas and Salons

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A New Era For Beauty and Wellness Brands

From inventory management, employ access control, and asset tracking, RFID (radio frequency identification)  is revolutionizing the beauty and wellness industry.

Vanguard ID Systems’ RFID solutions for:


Inventory Management: RFID technology facilitates precise and offers real-time monitoring of inventory. In the beauty and wellness industry, where a diverse array of products are sold in different sizes and quantities, maintaining optimal stock levels is of utmost importance. By utilizing RFID tags on products, businesses can effectively keep track of stock levels, monitor the movement of products throughout the supply chain, and streamline inventory management processes.

Product Authentication and Anti-counterfeiting: Counterfeit beauty and wellness products present substantial dangers to consumers and have the potential to damage brand reputation. RFID tags have the capability to authenticate products and validate their source. By incorporating RFID-enabled authentication systems, brands can guarantee the genuineness of their products and safeguard consumers against counterfeit items.

Enhanced Customer Experience: RFID technology can facilitate a customized customer experience within the beauty and wellness industry. Through the integration of RFID tags into merchandise, companies can offer tailored product suggestions, usage advice, and details on ingredients or allergens to consumers. Additionally, RFID-enabled interactive exhibits and intelligent mirrors can elevate the in-store shopping experience by delivering comprehensive product details and virtual try-on features.

Personalized Solutions For Salons, Spas, and Beauty Brands

Vanguard ID Systems - Leading manufacturer in custom card solutions and RFID technology

Over 30 Years Experience...

In 1987Richard Warther, CEO of Vanguard ID Systems invented the barcoded key tag. Since then, we have leveraged our extensive expertise in barcodes and magnetic stripe technology to provide high-quality customized card solutions.

Vanguard ID Systems is also a leading manufacturer in RFID technology and tag agnostics to provide high-quality personalized RFID product labels, tags, and cards that cater to your distinct requirements. With a wide range of over 200 form factors and the flexibility to tailor our solutions to your specific size and shape preferences, we stand out as a leading manufacturer of custom RFID technology solutions.

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