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Vanguard ID Systems’ custom RFID labels and tags can enhance operational efficiency at every step of the food and beverage production process, spanning from farming and manufacturing to distribution.

RFID is Transforming the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry relies on technological innovations throughout each phase of production – starting from farming, through manufacturing, distribution, and ultimately reaching supermarkets. Implementing RFID technology can enhance efficiency at every stage.

RFID in Agriculture. RFID technology (radio frequency identification) is commonly utilized in agriculture for tracking livestock, but it also has the potential to streamline the tracking and harvesting of crops. Another use for RFID is to incorporate it in a greenhouse setting, as it can help maintain optimal environmental conditions and humidity levels.

RFID in Food Manufacturing. Our technology seamlessly integrates with your existing system to assist in monitoring the food supply chain, tracking perishable items, and ensuring precise inventory management. Affixing custom RFID labels to products can create an efficient process for food management.

RFID in Food Distribution. Affixing our custom RFID labels and tags onto every food product, boxes, trays and general merchandise can show real time stock levels and product information. 

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Custom Card Solutions for Grocery Stores

Whether you are a small farmers market or a franchised grocery store, Vanguard ID Systems offers customized gift cards, loyalty cards, and direct mailers to help you increase your monthly sales, acquire new customers, and strengthen your relationship with your current customers.

Our barcoded loyalty ShortPak™ is fully customizable comes standard with 1 card, 1 key tag. Need a product to suit the whole family? Our FamilyPak™ is the perfect product for versatility. With a custom design and a unique identifier, you can issue multiple memberships at once! 

Personalized Solutions For Food and Beverage

Custom Cards Made With Teslin, PVC, & Paper

Vanguard ID Systems’ offers custom die-cut gift cards, loyalty cards, key tag and RFID labels and tags to ensure your bespoke card solutions match your brand identity and business objectives.

RFID Inlays

Through strategic collaborations with renowned inlay manufacturers across the globe, we are able to offer you an extensive selection of inlays tailored to meet your unique requirements. Additionally, we maintain a substantial in-house inventory, providing you with a diverse range of options to choose from.

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Vanguard ID Systems - Leading manufacturer in custom card solutions and RFID technology

Over 30 Years Experience...

In 1987Richard Warther, CEO of Vanguard ID Systems invented the barcoded key tag. Since then, we have leveraged our extensive expertise in barcodes and magnetic stripe technology to provide high-quality customized card solutions.

Vanguard ID Systems is also a leading manufacturer in RFID technology and tag agnostics to provide high-quality personalized RFID product labels, tags, and cards that cater to your distinct requirements. With a wide range of over 200 form factors and the flexibility to tailor our solutions to your specific size and shape preferences, we stand out as a leading manufacturer of custom RFID technology solutions.

Specialty Services

Custom Die-Cutting

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