Customer Reviews

The cards arrived, work and look great. You made the process smooth and efficient with your clear instructions and helpful contact over the phone. Thank you for the speed and quality of your service.
- Circulation Manager, University Library
Vanguard’s gift cards have made it easier for my team to process multiple memberships at once! It really saves a lot of time at the register!
- Manager, Hair Salon
The cards I received from Vanguard are a great quality! Since I have an expiration date on the back, their matte finish has made it easier for my team to write it in on a case-by-case basis.
- Owner, Hair Salon
Every year, my team forgets to tell me that we are low on gift cards around the holidays. When I explain the situation to my rep, Vanguard was able to make my cards and save my business! Thank you Vanguard!
- Owner, Medical Spa
I reached out to Vanguard to see if they could make some RFID tags for my business. Without knowing the details of my system, they were able to send me test cards the next day. Once I had the test cards, I found one that worked better than the rest with my system. After I confirmed that with Vanguard, they were able to make me custom tags at a great price compared to other companies in half the time!
- Business Development Manager, Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Company
I order business cards from Vanguard and did not order for several years. Vanguard still had my information on file and my previous card artwork. I was able to reach out to them and make changes to the cards quickly and get revised proofs in a couple of days. My boss was very pleased when he received the cards in a week’s time!
- Consultant, Finance
Their cards are great! After I received my cards and tested them, we had an issue with the mag strip. When I told my rep at Vanguard, they were able to take the order back and re-do the mag strip and send me a new batch that worked perfectly! My rep is always very helpful and understood that we needed the cards and were rushing to open our new business.
- Manager, Restaurant
I have a family fun center. Vanguard reached out to me to show me their products. Though I already had gift cards and were happy with those, I did not have a good way to present my gift cards. My customers always asked me if we had boxes for the cards. After learning about Vanguard, I decided to try out their custom carriers. Once I got those, I was happy to see that my current cards fit in them perfectly! The custom option also works great if you have different themed cards you are giving out!
- Owner, Indoor Theme park
I have a franchise business, and all of my cards needed to be shipped to over 10 different locations. Vanguard was able to ship my order to each location, so that each location had the same number of cards to use. My POS systems are connected and Vanguard’s cards are integrated in my software and the numbers are kept on file so I have not had any re-used numbers. Thank YOU Vanguard!
- Owner, Health Club
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