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Increase Brand Awareness With Direct Mailers

Choose from magnets, post cards, applications & mailers to announce store openings, new products or services, deals, coupons, and much more! Grow your business with the ability to customize any product while relying on convenience, responsive service, quick turnarounds and 100% data integrity.

At Vanguard ID Systems, we will seamlessly integrate your mailing list with your custom post card or mailer. We handle everything from setting up the data, to mailing out the final piece.

direct mail marketing

Leverage high-quality promotional products to drive prospects to become customers, and customers to become store visitors.

The constant noise across every digital platform poses a challenge for businesses aiming to connect with their intended audience.  By integrating direct mail marketing into your overall marketing strategy, you can effectively break through the noise and effortlessly reach your target audience.

Vanguard ID Systems - Leading manufacturer in custom card solutions and RFID technology

Over 30 Years Experience...

In 1987Richard Warther, CEO of Vanguard ID Systems invented the barcoded key tag. Since then, we have leveraged our extensive expertise in barcodes and magnetic stripe technology to provide high-quality customized card solutions.

Vanguard ID Systems is also a leading manufacturer in RFID technology and tag agnostics to provide high-quality personalized RFID product labels, tags, and cards that cater to your distinct requirements. With a wide range of over 200 form factors and the flexibility to tailor our solutions to your specific size and shape preferences, we stand out as a leading manufacturer of custom RFID technology solutions.

Direct mail leads generate 600% more revenue than digital leads.
1 %
of Millennials went to a brand’s website after receiving direct mail.
1 %
of Gen-Xers used coupons they received in the mail.
1 %

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Frequently Asked Questions About Direct Mail Marketing

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! Direct mail marketing proves to be an highly effective method for promoting your business and complements your digital marketing tactics seamlessly. The average response rate for a direct mail campaign ranges from 5% to 9%.

Promotional code. Provide a distinct promotional code for every campaign to conveniently monitor your responses.

Contact number. Gauge your response rate effortlessly by assigning a dedicated phone number for each campaign. Then, keep track of the number of calls received on that particular number.

QR code. Showcase an exclusive QR code on your direct mail item. Once recipients scan it using their smartphones, they will be directed to a dedicated landing page specifically designed for that campaign.

Direct mailers have a median ROI (return on investment) of 29%.

It may or may not be surprising to know that 73% of people said that they prefer direct mail as an advertising method.

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