Custom Library
Cards & Key Tags

Custom Printed Library Cards &
Key Tags

Our custom-made library cards and key tags enable patrons to access your wide range of resources, including your library’s book collections, member networks, and online materials. Vanguard ID Systems’ library cards are designed to be durable and long-lasting.

custom library cards and keytags

Cards For Kids, Teens, and Adults

Whether it’s children’s library cards or adult library cards, we are capable of using a barcode, magnetic stripe, incorporating a signature panel, and implementing RFID technology – providing top-notch technological solutions.

You can choose from different options such as wallet-size cards, key tags, or combination packs that offer long-term value. Moreover, we also have professionally-designed templates to utilize.

custom library cards
custom library cards
custom library cards and ketags
" Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life. "
Sidney Sheldon

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magnetic stripe gym card

Magnetic Stripe

Vanguard ID Systems - Leading manufacturer in custom card solutions and RFID technology

Over 30 Years Experience...

In 1987Richard Warther, CEO of Vanguard ID Systems invented the barcoded key tag. Since then, we have leveraged our extensive expertise in barcodes and magnetic stripe technology to provide high-quality customized card solutions.

Vanguard ID Systems is also a leading manufacturer in RFID technology and tag agnostics to provide high-quality personalized RFID product labels, tags, and cards that cater to your distinct requirements. With a wide range of over 200 form factors and the flexibility to tailor our solutions to your specific size and shape preferences, we stand out as a leading manufacturer of custom RFID technology solutions.

of Americans own library cards.
1 %
public libraries in America.
of Gen Z and Millennials visited a physical library in 2022.
1 %

Specialty Services

Custom Die-Cutting

Custom Design Services

Rush Printing

Frequently Asked Questions About Printed Library Cards

Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely! Our library card / keytag combination is completely customizable. You have the option to have them printed on TESLIN®, standard PVC, or paper.

Vanguard ID Systems is a leading manufacturer when it comes to kid’s library cards. Our collection includes durable cards and key tags featuring vibrant and playful designs that are sure to spark joy in every young library member.

A library card can give you access beyond books! Some libraries offer after school homework help, games and book clubs for kids as well as access to technology like printing access and computers.

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