Custom Cards

Welcome PetExec Customers!

Vanguard ID Systems is pleased to continue our partnership with PetExec!

For over 10+ years, PetExec has partnered with Vanguard ID Systems to make customized key tags for PetExec software. With over 36+ years of experience, Vanguard ID Systems has the ability to make check-in tags that are guaranteed to work with PetExec!

We will work directly with you to create a customized key tag solution that will save your business time and money at the register. Scanning in pets has never been faster than with barcoded key tags!

Simply fill out the order form below, and we will call and/or email you to assist with your custom key tag request.

Specialty Services

Custom Die-Cutting

Custom Design Services

Rush Printing

Vanguard ID Systems - Leading manufacturer in custom card solutions and RFID technology

Over 30 Years Experience...

In 1987Richard Warther, CEO of Vanguard ID Systems invented the barcoded key tag. Since then, we have leveraged our extensive expertise in barcodes and magnetic stripe technology to provide high-quality customized card solutions.

Vanguard ID Systems is also a leading manufacturer in RFID technology and tag agnostics to provide high-quality personalized RFID product labels, tags, and cards that cater to your distinct requirements. With a wide range of over 200 form factors and the flexibility to tailor our solutions to your specific size and shape preferences, we stand out as a leading manufacturer of custom RFID technology solutions.

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