Key Tags: Benefits & How To Use Them

Key Tags: Benefits & How To Use Them

Key tags serve as an effective means to promote your business without the need for larger cards. They are a compact, yet impactful marketing tool. While kay tags are commonly associated with reward programs, they have a multitude of uses, especially when it comes to branding.

Key uses for key tags

Boost your membership program

Numerous businesses that rely on memberships have discovered the importance of utilizing key tags. A significant 60% of customers tend to increase their spending on a particular brand when they are part of a loyalty membership program. Key tags for memberships offers convenience and guarantee that your members always have them on hand.

Carefully encoded to work with your POS

Making the right choice of provider is essential in guaranteeing the compatibility of your tags with your POS system. Key tags can be equipped with a barcode, a magnetic stripe, or a QR code, allowing for effective member tracking and secure facility access.

Vanguard ID Systems offers key tags that are compatible with a wide range of popular POS systems. If you are uncertain about which POS system to opt for, our team is readily available to help.

Track attendance

Key tags can work with an iPad, computer, or mobile device to track attendance at events, conventions, meetings, and many other important, corporate events. Smart tags can also provide detailed reporting to help you make better decisions.

Enhance your brand

Consider a key tag as a miniature billboard for your company. At Vanguard ID Systems, we work closely with you to create a personalized and unique key tag that enhances your brand and effectively conveys your message.

Every time your customers use their keys, they are reminded of your business. This constant visibility helps reinforce brand recognition and ensures your company stays top-of-mind. By incorporating your logo, brand colors, and tagline into your design, you further strengthen your brand awareness.

Key markets that use key tags

Hotel key tags

Key tags have the ability to function as room keys, providing guests with convenient access to their rooms and various hotel facilities. This eliminates the need for traditional hotel cards, which are prone to being misplaced. By utilizing our durable and customized key tags, guests can effortlessly carry their room access with them, securely attached to their keychains, thus minimizing the risk of misplacing them. Additionally, these tags can be equipped with advanced security measures, such as RFID technology, to further enhance guest safety and prevent unauthorized entry.

Restaurant key tags

Enhance the experience of your VIP customers by offering them convenient discounts and rewards right from their keychains. Key tags offer a unique way to provide discounts and other VIP perks. 

We offer the option to personalize our tags with your brand’s logo and a distinct identification number associated with each VIP customer’s profile. When a customer uses their tag, they can conveniently unlock special discounts, gain early access to sales, or accumulate points for future rewards.

Gym key tags

When designing personalized gym tags, it’s important to consider two objectives: convenience and memorability. By incorporating unique shapes and colors that are closely associated with your brand, you can leave a lasting and remarkable impression on your customers. Additionally, incorporating a barcode or using RFID technology will streamline the check-in process at your gym; enhancing the overall customer experience.

Vanguard ID Systems is a leading manufacturer specializing in custom-made card solutions and RFID technology. Our range of custom card solutions includes gift cards, loyalty cards, and direct mailers, all of which can effectively enhance the exposure of your brand and attract a wider customer base. Our RFID technology solutions are designed specifically for your business needs, enabling you to enhance efficiency and profitability throughout your organization. Our personalized RFID solutions include labels for inventory management and asset tracking, and bands and cards for access control to name a few key areas. Contact one of our Vanguard ID Systems Technical Representatives today at 1-800-323-7432 or email us at

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