Gift Cards: A Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales

Gift Cards: A Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales

Our retail customers frequently ask, “What are the benefits of starting a gift card program?” Well, the simple answer is that gift cards can help boost loyalty, increase brand visibility, and expand your customer reach, all while being profitable. Here are some important reasons why implementing a gift card program can drive retail sales.

A gift card program is a reliable source of revenue

Consumers will change their purchasing behavior when they have a gift card. They are more inclined to choose full price items, and a significant 61% of consumers tend to exceed the value of their gift cards while making purchases. This shift in purchasing behavior ultimately leads to an increase in revenue and profit margins. Not to mention, when retailers issue gift cards, it provides them with immediate cash for services not yet rendered. 

Leverage your customers to boost brand awareness

Your customers aren’t just individuals who buy your products or services; they are also your most prized brand ambassadors. They are the ones who promote your brand by sharing positive experiences with their friends, family, and online communities. By implementing a gift card program, you provide them with the means to amplify their advocacy efforts even further.

Use multi-touch points to increase sales

To ensure a successful gift card marketing strategy, it is crucial to have them strategically placed throughout your store. Place them in your window display or place them in a waiting area; don’t just limit yourself solely to the register area. Consider providing a dedicated display stand within your store or showcasing areas, depending on the nature of your business.

Use your digital marketing strategy to help promote your gift card program

Utilize social media, your website, and email marketing to advertise your gift card program. Enhance your digital marketing approach by hosting a giveaway on your social channels, incorporate your gift card program in regular emails, share user-generated content, and ensure there’s visibility about your gift cards on your website. 

Ensure your gift cards are eye-catching and on-brand

The design of your gift card speaks volumes about your brand personality and can attract more people to your business. A carefully crafted gift card with your brand’s colors, logo, and distinctive design elements allows you to establish a unified and easily recognizable visual representation that reinforces brand identity.

A visually appealing gift card can help you increase the likelihood of creating lasting impressions and ensuring people interact with your business. Furthermore, an attractive gift card can pique the interest of potential new customers who come across it, ultimately broadening your customer base.

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